Angeliki Paparadi


Angeliki Paparadi

Organic Agriculture Agronomist, Founder
“Small Greek Producers Initiative”

Angeliki Paparadi is a Greek agronomist and entrepreneur who is passionate about supporting small-scale producers in the agri-food sector. Here’s a summary of her achievements:

Founding member and Head Coordinator of “Small Greek Producers” initiative: Launched in 2021, this initiative aims to identify, recognize, and promote small businesses in the Greek agri-food sector. It’s considered the first of its kind in Greece.

Experienced professional in the agri-food industry: Angeliki Paparadi has over 20 years of experience working in various roles across the sector, including production management, research, and food chain management.

Advocate for organic agriculture: She is a technologist agronomist in Organic Agriculture, having completed postgraduate MBA studies in the field of food production chain management in Germany and the Netherlands, with a scholarship from the Onassis Foundation.

Angeliki Paparadi’s dedication to supporting small producers has made her a respected figure in the Greek agri-food industry. She is a strong advocate for sustainable agriculture practices and believes that small producers play a vital role in preserving Greece’s unique food culture.